Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thomas and I got pulled over...

Houston must be the happiest place on earth, Thomas and I just came back from our walk, it usually takes us 15 - 20 mins to make it to tranquility park and back (4 blocks) today it took us almost 40 mins!

When we were leaving our garage some walking by stopped us and decided to give Thomas somo loving... not the usual pat in the head, but hugs and kisses... it was a little too much to tell you the truth, our encounter ended with a suggestion to take Thomas to a contest cause he'll probably be the winner.

One block later we ran into the very nice foreign couple pushing a little girl in a stroller, again the girl and Thomas locked eyes and it was love at first sight... Thomas could not get enough rubs and the little girl wanted to take him home... her parents of course camera in hand took million of pictures and I was dying cause today I decided to leave me phone home and I could not take one single pic! As the couple started walking and Thomas could finally get into his "business" a police patrol flashes its lights towards us, I nerviously looking around pretended not to notice... I was trying to find a sign saying no dogs allowed or something like that, I immediately took out a doggie bag to be a good citizen and pick Thomas' little thingies from the floor; when the cop rolls his window down and says: " Hey, I wanted to show you a picture of my king charles, his name is Sebastian; is your puppy a female?, we are trying to breed ours.." And he proceeds to play a slideshow of the cutest black and tan cavlier I have seen! In the middle of dowtown Houston blocking a lane of traffic at 3:45 pm talking about history of king charles cavaliers... Houston must have the nicest people ever!

Finally we made it back home, what a cute walk we had today!

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