Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

I am so sad I was on a plane this afternoon and could not get home early enough to dress Thomas and take him trick or treating around the neighborhood, but we had a back up plan... Thomas' girlfriends Zoey and Bea Kirilova from Miami - Fl had some amazing costumes on and look WAY to cute not to share this pictures with you!
Hope everyone had a great Halloween, share some of your pics on our Facebook Fan Page, the Fan Photos section is in the bottom left corner!!! Short cut? clicking here!

Tiny Little Bea, cutest Bee ever!

And her baby sister, Tiny Little Zoey as a pumpkin!

Trick or treat!?

Friday, October 22, 2010


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Thomas and Ollie play dress up with Sinclair

Don't they look entertained!?
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Thomas a hit with the girls!

Thomas is the most popular dog in Downtown Houston and specially in our building! Here are Audrey and Emma in a downtown promenade with us!
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Monday, October 18, 2010

Bring your dog to the Hockey Game!

If you live in Houston, I just received the following email:

"On November 21, the Houston Aeros will host the 3rd Annual Chilly’s Pet Pals event. We would like to invite you and your special companions out to Toyota Center for a unique event as your Houston Aeros take on the Texas Stars at 4:05pm.

Enjoy a game with your dog and a portion of each ticket purchased will be donated to the Houston Humane Society to help animals in need."

For more Information contact:

Tamara Curl-Green (Ticket Sales and Services Coordinator for the Houston Aeros)

Here is a little more information about Chilly the Aeros' mascot, his origin and involvement with the community! Enjoy!

“Chilly” comes from a distinguished family of canines and war heroes. His Great Great Grandog Colonel “Ace” led the Air Force in several air-raids over enemy territory in WWI. He received the Purple Heart and distinguished service award for saving his bomber crew after crash landing behind enemy lines.

His Grandog, Sgt. Zam, went down in the history books for completing over 56 missions during WWII. His father Chill E. Dog, Sr. has made his mark in the entertainment world as being a stunt double for Rin Tin Tin and also staring in his last movie K-9 with Jim Belushi. Chill E., Sr. was recognized for his dashing moves, quick reflexes, brilliant escapes and crime fighting which was passed along to now world renowned K-9 “Chilly”.

“Chilly” was born in Pawtucket, Rhode Island where he looked up to his father and wanted to achieve the greatness of his relatives. “Chilly” attended DePaw University where he graduated with high honors in Human and Sports Entertainment. After receiving his degree, “Chilly” was immediately contacted and was named the official mascot of the Houston Aeros Hockey Club.

Since “Chilly” started with the Houston Aeros he took the International Hockey League (IHL) by storm, and now the American Hockey League (AHL). With two championships under his belt in 1999 (IHL-Turner Cup) & 2003 (AHL-Calder Cup) Houston’s lovable mascot has made his way into the hearts of fans and entertainment. “Chilly” has made a mark in arena, community and television. “Chilly’s” in-arena stunts have captured the eyes of many fans such as the opening entrance in 1998-1999 when he jumped a 3 1/2 foot ramp with a four wheeled ATV. That same year “Chilly” rappelled down from the top of “The Summit” glorifying his entrance. “Chilly” has made a mark in the local television stations appearing with coaches, players for many charitable broadcast and telethons; “Chilly” has also appeared on ESPN, ESPN2 and Good Morning America. “Chilly” has been named number one mascot in the AHL as well as in Houston (Houston four years in a row). “Chilly” has been an All-Star for the past 9 consecutive years dating back to the IHL All-Star Game in Orlando in 1999 and continuing into the AHL with his most recent All-Star appearance in Portland with the 2010 AHL All-Star Game. “Chilly”lists entertaining the fans as his number one priority.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

This is very funny....

Although I laughed when I saw this, I would not be as happy if I was the bride!

Meet Titus and Sugar!

Titus is a King Shepperd that lives with Tut, a good family friend, Thomas and him are not close... Let's just say Thomas feels a little uncomfortable next to him; I wonder why?... Titus is only 100 pounds bigger than Thomas...

I love how he has one ear up

Wonder what's he thinking

Happy Boy!

And this is his sister Sugar, she is still a little baby... but you can see she's already very very big... Thomas and Sugar played the first week she got home, but now, I just don't see them being BFFs :)

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Thomas makes friends everywhere!

Thomas got a new little friend!! She was so adorable! I think she was trying to kidnap Thomas, I caught her saying bag and pointing at her ducky roller bag, def big enough to fit Thomas in it!!
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Now on Discount Tires!

We had to change one of our tires of our car, so here we are... Now patiently waiting at the store... Good thing is that they have comfy seats!
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Can you walk through Petco and not spend 100 bucks?

Jeeeeezzzzz, we got some tennis balls to play now that the weather is so nice, a couple of bags of our food, a bag of greenies for our teeth... And some cookies for our brother spicy in South America, he loves them!!
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Thursday's errands

After our walk at the park Thomas and I went to Petco for some food, toys and pooppy bags... As usual Thomas gets to choose ONE treat, of course he goes for the bag filled with treats, guess that counts as one treat.... He is such a cutie pie!
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Monday, October 4, 2010

Thomas' Ranch Friends...

We try to go to the farm almost every weekend, Thomas, has a blast! He loves spending time in nature and playing around with all the other animals. This weekend, he went playing in some horse doodoo, mom was not happy about it, of course there are no pics of that... but here are some cute ones for you to enjoy...

Exploring as usual

Clifford our best buddy

Duck butts, they are the cutest and funniest thing ever!

White duck, stretching his wings

Crazy hair duck, stretching his wings

Beautiful rare black swan,
don't you think he looks like he is wearing couture!!!???

Beautiful geese, love their feathers!

Thomas and Clifford scaring the ducks...

Guarding the shore

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Thomas tries to figure out the cat....

This weekend at the farm Thomas discovered lots and lots of kitty cats around... this was the first one he saw, surprisingly he did not tried to scare the cat away, he actually came closer and tried to figure this guys out...

He apparently got distracted with some other cats that were playing in the back... he just got lost in translation and just kept on with his day...