Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I LOVE my dog

I can't help it, I absolutely LOVE my puppy. I never had a pet growing up, it took 25 years and a crazy look from my husband, who used to bring home a new pet whenever he visited a Petco growing up; and after telling me how crazy it was that I never had a pet turtle, rabbit, fish, cat, or dog, when he decided it was time to adventure me into puppy raising...

Fredrick came to our family, he left us after a short 9 months and shortly after Thomas joined our home. I would have never imagined how attached someone can be to a pet. Thomas is not only a puppy but my baby boy, there's nothing I would not do for him and I can say the same about him, I swear! He would follow me to end of the world as long as I have a bag of greenies under my arm of course!

In any case, I could have not been more lucky, I have the best dog ever!
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