Tuesday, August 31, 2010

More GRUFFINS samples!

This week we are going to have some more FREE samples of our famous GRUFFINS, if you are interested to receive some send us an email with your mailing information to: tinylittledogblog@gmail.com... but hurry quantities a very limited!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Celebrities and their dogs....

With almost 65% of American families having a dog, I came interested in some of the most famous ones around... staring of course with the first dog, Bo Obama... She's a Potuguese Water Dog, extremely energetic, friendly and loves to pose for the cameras!

Other celebrities around prefer to give abandoned puppies a new home, like Oprah, she has adopted many shelter pups, sadly shortly after she adopted her cockers they both had to be rush into the hospital with a parvovirus infection, only one of them could make it... But the famous talk show host still feels she has more love to give!

Jennifer Aniston is another celebrity that has adopted puppies, this one is Norman, corgi-terrier mix and she also has Dolly a white German shepherd. Both of her pups go often to the set of her movies!

Jessica Alba has two pugs, Sid and Nancy. Although they are not adopted from shelters, the movie star is very proactive about helping local shelters in California.

Who elses' dog would you like to see?

Friday, August 27, 2010

Thomas and I in the countryside

Weather is beautiful, we are enjoying light morning sun in the backyard.
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Thursday, August 26, 2010

My little monster!

So, Daniel and I stop by Best Buy for 5 minutes and leave Thomas in the car, when we come back we see him in the back seat and this is what I find next to him!!.... My strawberry shortcake, I was saving it for dinner, he took it out of the bag and chew it through the container! He is such a devil!
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Thomas and Softball

Every Sunday my husband plays in a softball league sponsored by Sports Monkey Houston, this is our third season with the team, the first season we wont the whole tournament, and then you move into the better league for the next season, we lost that one.. but we are now back into our normal group and we are rocking again! hope we can win this time around! Thomas always has an amazing time, we have friends joining us and cheer for daddy!

Hiding under the bleachers in case a ball heads our way!

Daddy batting

Jenn and Molly

Just hanging

Passed out... too much excitement

Everyone loves Thomas

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Thomas' dinner

It has been forever seen we have given Thomas a bone, but he has been soooo good, I rewarded him with a yummy t-bone steak bone tonight, he is loving it!!
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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

New Hampshire

When Thomas was a baby we took him to New Hampshire, I just found these two incredible pictures of him! He needs to go on a diet ASAP! He was so skinny!!!

Friday, August 20, 2010

I was robbed....

I wanted to log in long before, but the truth is I have been having a very rough last couple of days.. and the drop that spilled the glass came yesterday around 2 pm..

After a normal morning I met with my mother in law and my sister in law to have some lunch, since I just came back from the gym and they picked me up I took my gym bag with me (later in the afternoon i had to fly out to NYC) ... because of the timing I had my wallet, which I never take to gym with me cause I was stopping by the bank cashing a check and leaving to the airport afterwards... After lunch we went into Barnes and Nobles, to get a book, we could have not been in the store for more than 1o minutes and when we came out the car have been broken into, the alarm disarmed all the electronics gone and my gym bag gone as well... no one have seen or heard anything....

I have been dealing with credit cards, immigration, and banks and in a period of two hours we got everything canceled and a police report filed... I am out of town but they are changing the locks of my apartment as we speak... I am scare to death, but according to my husband strip mall robbers kind of go for cash (which they got plenty off... all of my trip funds) and credit cards, usually they'll toss away the ids and stuff I hope that is true, cause I don't want to go back home!


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

All the pups of the Family!

We love spending time with Clifford as you have been able to notice in our blog, he is always around, but Clifford has some other pups who live with him... we have a couple of pics from this weekend at the farm to show you the rest of the family!

This is Thomas and the eldest of the pack, Clementine, she's about to be 7 years old.
She is very grouchy and does not like to share...


This one is Oliver, he lost one of his eyes in an accident a few months ago,
but he has adapted pretty well to be a pirate! We love him so much!

Clifford, Thomas and Clementine!

Clifford giving Johnny Cash some love!

Clementine and Clifford

My baby Thomas

Ready for bed!

Why's my pup so lazy!

He does not even want to go to his first walk of the day! Guess he really really hates this weather!
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Monday, August 16, 2010


We have entered our first Photo Contest @ Modern Dog Magazine, it takes not even 30 seconds to vote, if you can please stop by the following link and vote for us! It will give us a chance at the end of the year to try and make it to the cover of the magazine of course if we win...

So if you could PLEASE retweet, re post on Facebook or by email to all of you friends so we can win it would be awesome!!! This is the address in case you would like to paste it on your fb wall post http://www.moderndogmagazine.com/photocontest/dogs/10/08/16/thomas-schiller


Thomas' Bath...

While typing our last post, I thought it would be nice to clean Thomas' coat by giving him a nice refreshing bath... I usually bathe Thomas, but since he has gained so much weight and with summer his hair is shedding so much that I take him to the groomers and give him a haircut as well... He does not enjoy spending all day at the groomers, so instead this time I thought we could get some cute pics for the blog...

He has no idea what's coming...

Suspecting something is wrong

NOT happy...

Giving me the puppy eyes, see if he can get a break

You'll pay for this momster!

I am a cutie pie!

Ignoring mom

Come on! let's get it over with!

Thomas hates the hair dryer!

Shaking it off! Stinking baths! :)

Have some cute pics of your pup taking a bath send them to us for our blog tinylittledogblog@gmail.com

Nature @ College Station

This weekend it was all about nature ... I was lucky enough to capture some pictures of the marvels of the country side .. Hope you enjoy them!

Butterfly season

Love the yellow butterflies!

A Tiny Little frog came to visit

The main house

Catfish pond, perfect for late afternoon wine

Ducks and Geese battle the territory and food with the catfish

Romeo, the swan, is the leader of the pack!

Little bit of backyard art...

It is amazing how little things can make you feel so good! Happy Monday!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Great wine!

Jim Jim, from South Australia, amazing light Shiraz... We picked it up at the liquor store for around $20.00 excellent for a chilled dinner at home, pairs amazingly with some stuffed belle peppers or paella! Something light preferable. Enjoy!!

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Friday, August 13, 2010

We got the add!

Here is the pic of Thomas in the add for Brett Chisholm photography! He is amazing to work with, we had so much fun and the pics came out amazing! Check out his website and make appointments for Christmas Cards!!!

Actually at the Farm...

Thomas is not a big fan of the water.. but Bingo is, here is Bingo launching in the pool with my husband... this Golden Retriever can swim for hours and don't get tired!

Thomas exploring


Clifford our BFF

The guests, the giant black lab and Brodie

Sugar, the new King Shepperd..

This are some of our farm friends, we are heading out there in a minute, but we'll have some more pics for you tonight!!