Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Thomas' 1st Photoshoot!

So today we had Thomas' 1st photo shoot ever... it was a little ... hummm.... complicated to say the least... Thomas was in a table which made him a little uncomfortable, he is deathly scared of heights, so he jumped a couple of times.

I don't know how he has not overdosed from treats cause the little sucker made us give him treats every picture he stood in the table, so no dinner for him today.

He was a little more comfortable when he was with Garret and Houston Dog Blog star, Isabella, they had a blast.. Although Thomas' BFF was the rabbit! He tried 20 different way to break into his cage having no success... he was so upset! I can not imagine what made Thomas so interested in the Bunny, but finally we got him focused in the photo shoot! Here are my favorite pics!


  1. Love it! Had so much fun.... Can't wait to shoot him again next time!

  2. I am thinking after we come back from Ecuador I would like to do something fab! I loved the fabric in the background of that big print you had, I will send you what I had in mind a little closer to the date! it is going to be great!