Monday, May 3, 2010

How true is it that cats and dogs cannot coexist?

This weekend we spend some time at the farm, there is an orange cat in the property that has lived there for a while feeding off mice and snakes, keeping the backyard and our veggie garden safe for us... We have been going to the farm for almost two years and "Garfield", how we decided to name the cat, has never come close to us or Thomas until this weekend! We were so surprised... I don't think there's a bff relationship in the future between Thomas and Garfield, but now we know they can definitely coexist!

Garfield exchanging love for peace

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  1. not true! haa,
    Jane's best friend is Preston, our cat!
    They're always running around the house playing rough with each other!

  2. i need pictures of jane and the cat!!!! upload them on the facebook page!!!