Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Summer in Houston....

I don't eat much ice cream, but last year during one of our fishing trips, we stopped by the gas station on Tiky Island and I got the Blue Bell Rainbow Icecycle..... Oh my gosh! I begged Daniel to buy a cooler next time he went fishing and stop by THAT gas station (somehow not many gas stations have them....) and bring one back to Houston for me....

My lovely husband instead went ahead and got the cooler and bought every single rainbow icecycle in the store!!! To say the least I still have icecycles in my freezer!

But anyway, I was eating one some time ago and Thomas kept looking at me with that face... you know the precious moments face... so I had to let him try it... btw he LOVED it!

does you puppy eat icecycles? send me your pics to or upload them to our facebook fan page: tinylittledogblog

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