Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I am developing a line of 100% organic dog treats called Gruffins, we are very excited about them, they not only taste great but also smell and look yummy as well...

We have sent samples to over 25 different puppies and so far we have had amazing results! Here are some of the comments we have received....

Shelby Kibodeaux Hey Vero........the GRUFFINS are a total hit! They want me to order them some. They liked the peanut butter 1's but LOVVVVVED the banana nut. I guess because my dogs are nuts, you think? How do I order? And thanks for the fabulous samples!!

Laura Allen Welch Hi Veronica! My dogs loved the gruffins! They had the peanut butter and the berries. Thanks so much for giving them to us.

Brett Chisholm Our kiddos LOVED the gruffins!!!!!! Tytytyty

If you are interested to participate in our survey answers the following questions either on a comment in this post, on our facebook fan page (tinylittledogblog) or by email tinylittledogblog@gmail.com

a) how many puppies do you own?
b) how often do you buy treats for your puppies?
c) how often do you feed your puppies treats?
d) which brand of treats do you usually buy?
e) which flavor would you be inclined to buy? apples, bananas, pears, or mixed berries.

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