Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial day weekend!

Thomas could not have had a better memorial day, we enjoyed pool side with some of his best friends, Champs, Molly, and Marco! They played themselves to death! I think Thomas will be sleeping for the whole week after today! Here are some pics for you!

My lovely friend Lisa with Marco, aka Rambo!

Puppy meeting...

Marco enjoying the yard

Champs, Molly and Thomas getting acquianted

Champs, chilling poolside


Champs kissing Thomas!

Thomas kissing Champs

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Saturday, May 29, 2010

When tiny ittle dogs have not so tiny little friends...

Thomas is trying to build a relationship with Bella, the 80 pound King Sheppard, 6 months old pup... They get along, but sometimes Thomas tries to show her that age comes before size... we'll see if he still thinks that when Bella gets fully grown at 180 pounds!

This is our new tiny little friend Tia Maria (better known as Tia Wee-ah!). She weighs in at a whopping 4.3 pounds and is almost 3 years old! She lives in Houston just like Thomas and I.
Her big sister Delilah is a lab, they get along so well! They play all the time, it is so cute to see them together.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Not even left the house and he is asleep!!

Guess he had a hard day @ Sinclairs' pool party.... Too many kids and spilled ice cream!
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Puppy dog eyes!

Look at this face!!! How can I not feel guilty when I leave for dinner when I have these eyes looking at me from the couch!!! He is just soooo adorable!!
What does your puppy does when you leave him??
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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Bella Stole Thomas' Heart!

This is Bella, Thomas' pen pal from Long Island! Isn't she the cutest! Thomas is so excited about his new friend from out of town, we are getting a tiny little bit bigger every day! We have now friends from NY and FL... Keep suggesting TinyLittleDogBlog facebook fan page and blog to all of your contacts! Thank you so much for your support Susan!!!


Gruffins test #2

Clementine is my inlaws King Charles Cavalier, she is turning 5, very very snooty... She was the baby of the family until Oliver, the 3 year old KCC came and shortly after that a real baby was born to take her throne! She was not too happy, but we still love her as much as the first day!!

Here is Clementine on our trial.... we got 3 other 100% organic treats from Whole Foods and we put them all infront of her and guess which one she choose???..... you'll have to see the video to find out!


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Thomas' 1st Photoshoot!

So today we had Thomas' 1st photo shoot ever... it was a little ... hummm.... complicated to say the least... Thomas was in a table which made him a little uncomfortable, he is deathly scared of heights, so he jumped a couple of times.

I don't know how he has not overdosed from treats cause the little sucker made us give him treats every picture he stood in the table, so no dinner for him today.

He was a little more comfortable when he was with Garret and Houston Dog Blog star, Isabella, they had a blast.. Although Thomas' BFF was the rabbit! He tried 20 different way to break into his cage having no success... he was so upset! I can not imagine what made Thomas so interested in the Bunny, but finally we got him focused in the photo shoot! Here are my favorite pics!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I am developing a line of 100% organic dog treats called Gruffins, we are very excited about them, they not only taste great but also smell and look yummy as well...

We have sent samples to over 25 different puppies and so far we have had amazing results! Here are some of the comments we have received....

Shelby Kibodeaux Hey Vero........the GRUFFINS are a total hit! They want me to order them some. They liked the peanut butter 1's but LOVVVVVED the banana nut. I guess because my dogs are nuts, you think? How do I order? And thanks for the fabulous samples!!

Laura Allen Welch Hi Veronica! My dogs loved the gruffins! They had the peanut butter and the berries. Thanks so much for giving them to us.

Brett Chisholm Our kiddos LOVED the gruffins!!!!!! Tytytyty

If you are interested to participate in our survey answers the following questions either on a comment in this post, on our facebook fan page (tinylittledogblog) or by email

a) how many puppies do you own?
b) how often do you buy treats for your puppies?
c) how often do you feed your puppies treats?
d) which brand of treats do you usually buy?
e) which flavor would you be inclined to buy? apples, bananas, pears, or mixed berries.

All time favorites!

I love Thomas' girlfriend Isabella, the star of the Houston Dog Blog! I wish Thomas was still this small!!

These are my all time favorite pictures of my pup I have ever taken, not that I don't have any other pictures, but somehow these ones I feel they are more special, guess it is because it was when we first got him, and seeing how well he adapted to his new home made us feel very happy!
He was barely 9 weeks old when these were taken.

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Saturday, May 22, 2010

We love Specs

Clifford was about to be adopted as the Specs mascot, my pups are so much cuter than that silly bunny!

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Specs lady...

We stopped by the Specs on memorial and the lady from inside could not resist to say hi to Thomas, Cliffor, Clemi and Ollie... She loved them! I should have told her it was on bottle of wine per kiss she got from my babies!!!
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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thomas and I got pulled over...

Houston must be the happiest place on earth, Thomas and I just came back from our walk, it usually takes us 15 - 20 mins to make it to tranquility park and back (4 blocks) today it took us almost 40 mins!

When we were leaving our garage some walking by stopped us and decided to give Thomas somo loving... not the usual pat in the head, but hugs and kisses... it was a little too much to tell you the truth, our encounter ended with a suggestion to take Thomas to a contest cause he'll probably be the winner.

One block later we ran into the very nice foreign couple pushing a little girl in a stroller, again the girl and Thomas locked eyes and it was love at first sight... Thomas could not get enough rubs and the little girl wanted to take him home... her parents of course camera in hand took million of pictures and I was dying cause today I decided to leave me phone home and I could not take one single pic! As the couple started walking and Thomas could finally get into his "business" a police patrol flashes its lights towards us, I nerviously looking around pretended not to notice... I was trying to find a sign saying no dogs allowed or something like that, I immediately took out a doggie bag to be a good citizen and pick Thomas' little thingies from the floor; when the cop rolls his window down and says: " Hey, I wanted to show you a picture of my king charles, his name is Sebastian; is your puppy a female?, we are trying to breed ours.." And he proceeds to play a slideshow of the cutest black and tan cavlier I have seen! In the middle of dowtown Houston blocking a lane of traffic at 3:45 pm talking about history of king charles cavaliers... Houston must have the nicest people ever!

Finally we made it back home, what a cute walk we had today!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Summer in Houston....

I don't eat much ice cream, but last year during one of our fishing trips, we stopped by the gas station on Tiky Island and I got the Blue Bell Rainbow Icecycle..... Oh my gosh! I begged Daniel to buy a cooler next time he went fishing and stop by THAT gas station (somehow not many gas stations have them....) and bring one back to Houston for me....

My lovely husband instead went ahead and got the cooler and bought every single rainbow icecycle in the store!!! To say the least I still have icecycles in my freezer!

But anyway, I was eating one some time ago and Thomas kept looking at me with that face... you know the precious moments face... so I had to let him try it... btw he LOVED it!

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Friday, May 14, 2010

Maita HEARTS Thomas

Maita is my little sister, she spoils Thomas so much! Although she does not understands how Thomas can fall asleep with her and then wake up in the middle of the night and move back to Daniel and my bed....

She absolutely enjoys taking Thomas to Discovery Green, I think she actually goes there for the tiny doughnuts they fry in that kiosk...

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Dog who stares at goats...

This weekend at farm we got the news that 5 miniature goats were brought to the property, I guess a petting zoo is in the works! Of course we could not miss the opportunity to see how Thomas reacted around them...

At first he was not so sure about this new furry friends, they smelled differently, the spoke in some sort of baaaaaaaa way, and they like to headbump... But after a few minutes Thomas started liking them and chasing them around the pin, until he figure out that in little corner there was some soft, smelly, and sticky hay! Of course immediately Thomas is drawn by the hay, and starts to roll over it.. I am still trying to take the smell of goats off him!

Does you puppy like other unusual animals? send us your pics to

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Don't you come any closer!

Thomas protecting his food! So ferocious! ;)

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Monday, May 10, 2010

Siblings' LOVE!

The whole gang.... our girlfriend Isabella in the middle with all of her step brothers!
They are just too cute, I am dying for a group hug!

Isabella and Garret, they are professional models!

Turkey and Greece, who is who!?!?

Tango and Lolo, who said that size matters?

Lulu and Lili, before their haircut!

Bea and Zoey, finally bonding!!! How cute they are!?

Thomas and Clifford sharing a seat!

Clifford and Thomas love each other! it is the cutest thing, they play all day and night.... sometimes they drive me crazy, but they are just too cute together! I cannot get enough!

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