Monday, August 16, 2010

Thomas' Bath...

While typing our last post, I thought it would be nice to clean Thomas' coat by giving him a nice refreshing bath... I usually bathe Thomas, but since he has gained so much weight and with summer his hair is shedding so much that I take him to the groomers and give him a haircut as well... He does not enjoy spending all day at the groomers, so instead this time I thought we could get some cute pics for the blog...

He has no idea what's coming...

Suspecting something is wrong

NOT happy...

Giving me the puppy eyes, see if he can get a break

You'll pay for this momster!

I am a cutie pie!

Ignoring mom

Come on! let's get it over with!

Thomas hates the hair dryer!

Shaking it off! Stinking baths! :)

Have some cute pics of your pup taking a bath send them to us for our blog


  1. What a cute name for a cutie pie of a pup! What a great idea to give us a play-by-play of his grooming experience! I think he looks wonderful...but then again he looked wonderful before even with the weight gain!

  2. A nice refreshing must feel so good, my friend!

  3. So cute!! Holly gets baths at the groomer now. She's too large for me to do it. I have been told that she absolutely hates them though! Lots of love, Debbie and Holly

  4. Marley and Jasper love their bath and the hair dryer. I've been using it since day one and Jasper especially just lies down and falls asleep as I dry him off, especially his long ears. Very cute photos Charlie.