Friday, August 6, 2010

Thomas and his friend Marco....

Thomas loves every dog he meets, specially little ones! But his favorite dog in all of Houston is Marco, he belongs to our good friends Lisa and David, we usually get together on the weekends and let the pups run around... I will have to tell you Marco is a trouble maker, his whole 2 pounds know how to get in trouble....

Who's your pups' BFF? Send some pics of you got to and we'll upload them on our blog!


  1. What a pair of cuties! With all the travelling I did this week, I kind of wished I had a little pup to fit in my purse!


  2. You two are both so cute!
    I'm new to this blog, and am now following.
    I also have a dog blog, and would love it if you would visit me.

    Cuddles and licks,
    Love Miley xxx