Monday, August 30, 2010

Celebrities and their dogs....

With almost 65% of American families having a dog, I came interested in some of the most famous ones around... staring of course with the first dog, Bo Obama... She's a Potuguese Water Dog, extremely energetic, friendly and loves to pose for the cameras!

Other celebrities around prefer to give abandoned puppies a new home, like Oprah, she has adopted many shelter pups, sadly shortly after she adopted her cockers they both had to be rush into the hospital with a parvovirus infection, only one of them could make it... But the famous talk show host still feels she has more love to give!

Jennifer Aniston is another celebrity that has adopted puppies, this one is Norman, corgi-terrier mix and she also has Dolly a white German shepherd. Both of her pups go often to the set of her movies!

Jessica Alba has two pugs, Sid and Nancy. Although they are not adopted from shelters, the movie star is very proactive about helping local shelters in California.

Who elses' dog would you like to see?


  1. I like the one of you and your mommy....aren't you famous?

  2. we agree, we like your picture the best
    Benny & Lily

  3. Thanks guys! we are working in the whole famous part though... I have been in one add for an amazing photographer in Houston, but that's about it in my portfolio... :)


  4. I also agree on your picture. :)
    I think that those cookies will make you famous!

    So the President wears a suit in a park!?