Tuesday, August 17, 2010

All the pups of the Family!

We love spending time with Clifford as you have been able to notice in our blog, he is always around, but Clifford has some other pups who live with him... we have a couple of pics from this weekend at the farm to show you the rest of the family!

This is Thomas and the eldest of the pack, Clementine, she's about to be 7 years old.
She is very grouchy and does not like to share...


This one is Oliver, he lost one of his eyes in an accident a few months ago,
but he has adapted pretty well to be a pirate! We love him so much!

Clifford, Thomas and Clementine!

Clifford giving Johnny Cash some love!

Clementine and Clifford

My baby Thomas

Ready for bed!


  1. What a lovely family. Poor Oliver. Losing an eye is bad enough but a Cavalier losing an eye is a hundred times worse. Their eyes are so meltiful. How did it happen? You should put a patch on his eye then he could look like a resl pirate Arrrgghhhh!!!

  2. We love our Cav family, Oliver and Cash, their King Shepperd were playing in at the farm and from chasing each other around changed to I will nibble on you, and they kind of starting fighting and the King Shepperd kind off squished his head to hard and it made the eye popped... It was very traumatizing, specially after I lost another dog not too long ago... Thomas and Cash can not play together, I don't allow him to even get near him... I kn ow his intentions were not bad, but when you have a 150 pound dog playing with a 20 pound one.. it is kind of hard to control them!

  3. That is awful. It would have been very traumatizing. I understand how you would have felt. We lost a Cavalier two years ago before we got Marley and Jasper. His name was Brinkley and he ran out on the road out front of our home and was hit and killed instantly by a car. That's why we now have two to keep each other company. They have no interest in running out. Our children saw the whole thing and they were very traumatized and still are very protective of our puppies now. Dogs are very playful. Sometimes they don't know their own strength. Just as well they don't feel emotions like us so Cash doesn't feel guilty and Oliver doesn't plot revenge. Hmmm there's food for thought. Why cant some people forgive and forget like dogs?

  4. Well made my day! Nothing better then a house full of Cavaliers! Beautiful puppies all round
    <3 Miss Kodee @Bark'n About