Monday, July 12, 2010

Thomas visits the vet..

So Thomas came with me to the vet, we were not there because of his health, we were just going to ask wonderful Dr. Dodge something about the Gruffins, and a quick shampoo question... Any how, Thomas is not falling for it and thinks it is safer under the chair.
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  1. Oh Thomas - I looove to go to my vet - they pat me and rub me and give me treats! I am sorry you don't like to go.

    What are Gruffins? Are they from outer space?

  2. Hey Bailey!

    Think I don't like going to the vet cause last time I was there they stuck all sorts of needles in me, and I had to stay in the kennel for a week! I was not feeling too good, and they would not let me go home until I was 100% recouped...

    Since then my mom created the GRUFFINS, they are some awesome human grade, 100% natural dog treats I get spoiled with since then, they have real pieces of fruit and yummy granola! we are going to have some samples next week, we can send you some, just email us your address to:

    she's actually getting ready to have her licenses approved by the state and we should be ready to sell them!

  3. join our facebook fan page... this is a whole album with pics of the GRUFFINS!!/album.php?aid=23766&id=113275815349622