Thursday, July 15, 2010

Thomas and Fruits....

Since Thomas in a little bit in the heavy side of the average size/weight curve... I have been feeding him some fruits lately, and guess what!? he loves them! his favorite by far are refrigerated pears... he can eat a whole pear if I would let him... As we started our adventure with fruits I have given him some others like papaya, apples, carrots, celery, bananas, and tomatoes... he loves them all!

I am so glad, no wonder he loves the GRUFFINS, speaking of them we'll have them ready very very soon!!

Have some pics of your pups eating fruits, send them to me to, and I will upload them to our post!


  1. I'd be interested to know how it affects his stomach if at all with all that fruit? Has it changed know....toilet habits at all? I was just thinking all that acidic and soft fruit might have some affect. Not joking. I really am interested before I try my dogs on the same. Please let us know.

  2. I just give it to him once a day as a snack, maybe a quarter of an apple or pear, or when I am having papaya for breakfast I give him some of mine... he has not shown any changes in his stool, but he has been eating them for a while... what i did at the beginning was I gave him two or three small squares of the fruit, for his tummy to get used to the fruit, after a couple of days he was begging for more! I would advice you to start with pears or apples, dogs seem to like the texture and sweetness of them....

    I spoke with my vet and she told me fruits should not affect at all their diets or digestive systems, just do not feed them grapes or raisins!

    Now I have developed a dog treat named GRUFFINS which are 100% natural fruit snacks for puppies! if you would like to try them send me an email to I am baking some more next week! They have been an instant success with not only cavaliers but yorkies, pomeranians, bulldogs, and collies! We have some posts about them in the blog you might want to check out!

    let me know how the fruit trial goes!

  3. Thanks. I will try them on apple or pear first. We are in Australia so a bit far for you to send your Gruffins. I have been following your Gruffin success on your blog though. Good for you! Sounds great.

  4. Oh yes fruits and veggies is good! I luvs blueberries, apples, oranges,bananas,watermelon, carrots, sweet taters, mom gives them to me as a treat or snackie too..yum! GRUFFINS sound delish, I will haves mom check out your past bloggie posts about thems. :)

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae