Monday, April 19, 2010

We got visits!

Last week our good friends Lisa and David brought their puppy Marco to visit Thomas for the first time, our plan was to have sangria in our terrace while enjoying the sunset, leave the puppies playing in the apartment and then have dinner with them.

Everything started well, the pups were very excited to have someone new to play with, the staying by themselves part was not too convincing... but when it was treat time, lets just say they wanted nothing to do with each other... as a matter of fact Marco, aka Rambo, was very protective of his treats and his newly acquired blue blanket! lol Thomas as a good host stayed in his little corner hoping to get his blanky back at some point!

Marco seriously protecting the blanky

Thomas just minding his own business

Kind of getting along, but not really...

Happy Marco!

The view from our terrace!

My home made sangria and Italian appetizer plate

How does your puppy reacts to visits? Send us your comments and pics to

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