Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Pups at the vet....

Look at Isabella's video, she is such an amazing puppy!!!

If you are interested in helping Isabella safe thousands of puppy lives please join the following facebook group and find out how you can help in your area!

I don't think Zoey is enjoying her visit to the doctor as much as Freddy used to... hope she gets better soon!

This might sound weird to you but our old puppy Freddrick LOVED to go to the vet! It was the funniest thing in the whole wide world! I don't know why, but he went so far to the point he pretended to have hurt is paw for me to take him to see the vet. He would cry and cry and cry and make it seem that he could not walk and all the drama... as soon as we get to the vet, he was fine, walking in all fours, they took some xrays, nothing was broken.... I guess he is such a cutie pie that everyone spoiled him there and he loved it!

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