Monday, April 5, 2010

It is bath time...

Once a week Thomas gets a bath.. it is usually on Mondays and he hates it! Some people say it is bad for pups to be bathe every week but when he is running around the open wild of a farm, getting into lakes and chasing ducks... believe me, he needs to be bathe often!!!

Here is our old puppy Freddrick when he got his first bath...

He has no idea what is coming

Not too convinced

Hmmmmm this is not so bad

All wet! so cute!

Can't do much about it

In the other hand, sophisticated puppies like our friend Isabella, might need to be bathed once a month... She looks absolutely gorgeous in her custom made bathrobe! I wish Thomas was as graceful as her!

Isabella looking fab in her pink bath robe!

These are Thomas' pics of his bath this afternoon....

Can you see how misserable he looks :(

But after a couple of minutes he knows there's no way out and he better play with the water and enjoy it

The worst part is getting his hair dry... hates the blow drier!

When my little sister is around she loves to help!

Is it just Thomas or does every dog goes nuts after they take a bath and starts running around the house like maniacs and their hair ends up looking like this!!!

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