Monday, March 29, 2010

NOT so tiny little dog!

My in-laws have this 9 month old King Shepperd puppy that does not look as much of a puppy, he is around 120 pounds so far and he has another 150 more to go.... but he is very playful, and sweet! Here is Johnny Cash!

Liddie scratching Cash's nose!

This is one of the new pups that will be guarding the farm ... he is only 8 weeks old! and he is already double the size of Thomas!

This was yesterday, he is so smart that he figure out how to open the doors and lets himself back into the house at any time! Although when the doors are locked it is a different story...

Just chilling @ Sinclair's play house!

Getting friendly with Diego, can you see the Bengal cat in the sink??

Do you have any NOT so tiny little friends?
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  1. I love my baby boy!!! Hey at least he has great "taste" in houses!!!