Sunday, March 28, 2010

Pups enjoying their rides!

It is so funny but every dog has its own spot the the car, mine for example would refuse to get in in the back, he always needs to travel in the passenger's seat. It makes it difficult when you have more than one dog in the car, but oh well what are you going to do right?

When he was a puppy Thomas used to love ridding in the back

He might go to the back seat if he's bed is there....

But this is his usual spot!

Here is Thomas on mommy's lap while Clifford is trying to sneak into the loving!

Then he got tired and decided it was better to look out the window

Clifford instead loves to stay int he back and check our nature... let me tell you he gave me a good scare after he figure out how to open the window! Guess BMW are not puppy proofed.

Say hello to our new friend Maddisson, guess she prefers the passenger's seat as well

And of course our Miami BFF Bea! she can't make up her mind... is it better to be on daddy's lap or over at the passenger's seat! wherever she seats she always looks adorable!

Tango, having control over the wheels!

And Sol, who seems to be tired enough where he does not care where he seats as long and he's going home! lol

Mattie, from Houston enjoying a ride in a sunny day! He loves to ride in the trunk of the car, who wouldn't it is like a suite in there! with his favorite toys and everything!

Belle, now nearly 6, but no matter what we drive this is where she is!

Tiny Little Jane has something for high speed!

Keep sending us your pics today, and we'll upload them into our blog!

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