Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Kids and puppies...

Ever since I got our dog I got convinced that the best friend for him would be a baby sister or brother, they just get a long so well with kids! I just love to see Thomas interacting with this little people, trying to figure out what they are supposed to be??? Here are some pics from our followers!

Johnny and Freddy

Freddy loving on Liddie

Rocky just chilling with his bff!!

Taylor with Wiggles!

Liddie and Thomas

Liddie and Dexter

Isabella and Baby Anna

Allie and Henry


  1. Johnny loved Freddy! He wants a new puppy so we ALL need to work on Mike!!!!

  2. I love the pics with the kids!!! It makes me so happy!!!!!!!

  3. Thank you so much Joanna!!! It is scary how time flies, it seems these pics were taken yesterday!!! You should def get a new pup!!!! Christmas is just around the corner!!!