Monday, November 29, 2010

I thought you said daddy was eating the chocolates

Gotcha Thomas, now what's your excuse for the mystery of the disappearing chocolates??
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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thomas and I were featured in "Coffee with a Canine" Blog!

A few weeks ago I received a pleasant email from Marshal Zeringue, author of Coffe with a Canine Blog, it is a cute blog that interviews pet owners about sharing afternoons with their puppies, and sharing a cup a coffee with them...

It made me think of how special is Thomas and at the same time I enjoyed reading about different dog breeds, their behaviors, likes and dislikes. It was so much fun to do this interview, it was sometimes hard to choose one answer to each question, I realized how many little details I enjoy from having Thomas with me, and how much I love him!!!

Here is a link to our interview!
Thomas and Veronica share a coffee

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

You had me at woof...

New book by Julie Klam, reviews 3 1/2 stars! How to find happiness helping others, in this case Boston Terriers in need! Looks very cute!
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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tiny Little Dog Website launched!

We are excited to announce that Tiny Little Dog website is launched, we have been working really really hard to make this possible... now we need your full support forwarding it to all of your puppy loving friends and family!

We already received the licenses for our Gruffins, waiting on the labels and we should be ready to rock! For those who have sampled our 100% natural treats for dog, GRUFFINS, and are interested in buying some, please send us an email to, all payments can be done by phone or paypal, which ever is easier for you!

For more information about our Gruffins please visit our website!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Meet Spicy, hello from Ecuador again!

Do you remember Spicy? Well, he is Thomas' half brother who lives with my parents in Ecuador, he is sooo cute! Last night my dad and I grilled for the whole family and some friends, of course Spicy was guarding the grill in case any yummy pieces of meat fell his way... Of course we spoil him and gave him some!

I think I can smell something around here...

Ahhhh, I am full

Just resting after a good meal

Belly rubs please! Just like Thomas!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Arizona pics

Thomas could not make it to this trip, but I still wanted to share some pics I brought back with me!

Our guide and our jeep for our adventure in the desert!

A Southwestern pup!

Some beautiful horses,
you can take them up the desert trails,
I was fine by using the Jeep

The other guide, he was a TRUE cowboy!
Even has the movie stand, lol

Beautiful morning in Arizonas' desert,
love the old western finish to the pic

Some rock art!

Marlboro Guy....

uhhhhh, i.d. please....

Today after dinner my husband and I decided to play with Thomas... here are some funny pics we got by the end of the evening....

This is not a good start.....

Oh gosh, would this be on Facebook?

My little Popeye

Finally some peace around here!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Thomas goes to the Farmer's Market

A couple of weeks ago I took Thomas to the farmer's market at City Hall in Downtown Houston, we are very excited about this new venture the city is putting together, it not only brings more community interaction in the downtown area which is mainly crowded by corporate tenants that desert the area at 6 pm, but also promotes small businesses and local farmers.

It also provides a great promenade for downtown dwellers like me, and it's a perfect little spot to visit with such a nice weather this time of year!

Here are some pics we took while we were there! Enjoy!

Beautiful view of City Hall

Our first purchase of the day,
100% Texan Olive Oil!

Thomas enjoying his walk!

Second purchase of the day,

We met a friend!

As usual Thomas receives lots of love anywhere he goes!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Puppy vs. Mirror, very funny!

I was on you tube.. and one thing let to another, I want to share this funny video with you guys! Good night!

Thomas the yellow submarine....

Thomas' first Halloween to get an actual costume, I was so excited! I decided he should be a yellow submarine, I love the song, and I though he would look cute in this chunky costume... Here is how the whole dressing up went...

1)Not sure what's on my back...

2) I am just going to pretend there's nothing going on...

3) Fine one picture and then take it off!

4) Seriously mom, I am sinking.... this is too puffy to lay on my side with!

5) I guess I will have to deal with it, so I might as well just play...

6) Don't think I will fit on my bed with it Mom!!!

Hope everyone had fun trick or treating last night!!! please share your pics at our facebook fan page!!