Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thomas and I were featured in "Coffee with a Canine" Blog!

A few weeks ago I received a pleasant email from Marshal Zeringue, author of Coffe with a Canine Blog, it is a cute blog that interviews pet owners about sharing afternoons with their puppies, and sharing a cup a coffee with them...

It made me think of how special is Thomas and at the same time I enjoyed reading about different dog breeds, their behaviors, likes and dislikes. It was so much fun to do this interview, it was sometimes hard to choose one answer to each question, I realized how many little details I enjoy from having Thomas with me, and how much I love him!!!

Here is a link to our interview!
Thomas and Veronica share a coffee

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  1. Thomas is so beautiful. He looks like a wonderful dog to have around. From sadness sometimes comes the best gifts. :-)