Monday, November 8, 2010

Meet Spicy, hello from Ecuador again!

Do you remember Spicy? Well, he is Thomas' half brother who lives with my parents in Ecuador, he is sooo cute! Last night my dad and I grilled for the whole family and some friends, of course Spicy was guarding the grill in case any yummy pieces of meat fell his way... Of course we spoil him and gave him some!

I think I can smell something around here...

Ahhhh, I am full

Just resting after a good meal

Belly rubs please! Just like Thomas!


  1. How cute! You are like twins!


  2. Not too many treat spicy...looking a bit chubby there. I think your Daddy is spoiling you too much. You are very cute...just like all Cavaliers ofcourse.

  3. Spicy thatnks for letting us know how to make the pitiful face..BOL
    Benny & Lily

  4. So that is how you get more food! Good to Know!!


  5. Hahaha Spicy is such a good puppy, although my mom has him soo spoiled he has never seen another dog before... when we brought Thomas to Ecuador last year he was a little freaked out... specially cause they look like twins!! it is just too cute having them both together! they are great friends now!