Monday, September 27, 2010

An advice from the bottom of my heart...

Today I got the sad news about the death of a relative, I would like to share with you something I learned today, never let a moment pass you by; say I love you as many times you can; and don't take life for granted.

My 50 year old aunt went to sleep two nights ago, and never woke up. She suffered brain death cause by a sudden brain hemorrhage also known like aneurysm. I can not imagine how it must be for her husband, daughter and sons that could not say goodbye one last time, and maybe with them they'll carry many conversations that they left untouched cause they can always happen some other day...

Her soul and family will be on my prayers, but I had to share this with you, cause I think sometimes we need to be grateful for each breath we take and enjoy life!

Good night everyone!
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  1. It's important to remind ourselves that we could be gone from this earth at any moment. Life is extremely fragile. Terribly sorry to read about your aunt. She certainly was too young to pass away.

  2. Thank you for following us, the whole family is still in sock.. I agree 100% with you, life is so fragile, we should not take it for granted!
    have a great weds!