Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Tiny little pups around bigger doggies...

This is Dude (Bichon) taking a nap with Pumpkin (Lab)
they look so adorable!

Thomas showing that age comes before height...
That is baby Beau.

In better terms with Beau

In New Hampshire, making new friends!

Very BIG new friends

Just chilling with Major, we even share our food with him!

Thomas is a very friendly puppy, he is not too excited about spending time with puppies way bigger than him... In some cases like with Major, he loves it! The play together and run around everytime the see each other, I think the fact that Major has no problem not being an alpha male makes Thomas more comfortable around him...

With the King Shepperds the story is different.. Thomas does not like hyper dogs who like to play rough... we are very sophisticated...

Does you puppy gets along with bigger dogs? send us your pics to


  1. Aw! How cute! Major is so lucky to have Thomas as a friend!!! :)

  2. :) I need some of those old pics you have from when Thomas and Major first met!