Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Gruffins complete HIT!

Misty Patel
The Gruffins were delivered today! This is the picture of them licking their lips AFTER they had their Gruffins! They loved them!

I really can't explain to you how much did Phoenix my dog loves the treats that you sent him. The smell and texture was wonderful. If you brand yourself well, your company will do amazing. I personally will like to write off a check or money order to purchase the other flavors that you mentioned in your survey. Thank you once again ~ Chris

Lisa Zeve
Vero, they are so good and my pups love them too!!! :-P

Laura Allen Welch
Everyone should try dogs LOVED them!

Ryan Rice
Yum!!!!! Isabella and her crew all LOVE the gruffins!

Lisa Turi
All three of the boys loved the muffins!! Yes I said all three! Marco's first pick was the banana nut!! THANKS!!

Thank you to everyone who tried the GRUFFINS, we have had such great results! I will have some more samples available around the 20th of this month, if you would like to try them send me an email with your address to:

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