Monday, October 3, 2011

Many things going on!

Since we move into our new home we have been overwhelmed with events and changes all over the place.

Leonard, is doing great, growing like a weed, and learning better manners too! Although he dies not out his toys away like Thomas.

Me and my husband got to explore a little bit of China, for those of you interested inbreeding about it, this is our traveling blog:

Also we will be moving our blog to word press, :( I know it's sad, but you can add our address into your dashboard and follow us as if nothing had ever happened. It's just that we are merging out blog with our website and fb.... And blogger does not have the capabilities to do that.... :( but i will let you know when it happens.

What about your guys!?! Any recent events?!


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  1. Wow how exciting. We will check out the link
    Benny & Lily